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    Monday, September 06, 2004

    In my efforts of creating a better Malaysia, consider this before you complain about our country and its leaders. Although I do wish I had "bare-breasted young women, who are supposed to be virgins", dance for me.

    Swazi King Picks 16-year-old Girl as 12th Wife

    MBABANE (AFP) - Swazi King Mswati III, Africa's last absolute monarch, has picked a 16-year-old girl as his new wife, bringing to 12 the number of official spouses, sources in the royal household said.

    A source confirmed a report in the Times newspaper that said the teenager was a Miss Teen Swaziland finalist who took part in the annual reed dance last week when bare-breasted young women, who are supposed to be virgins, dance for the king.

    The source said that the 16-year-old girl underwent blood tests to determine whether she was HIV positive and that she was expected to receive the royal blessing of the queen mother before being unveiled as the king's new bride at the weekend.

    Swaziland has the world's highest per capita rate of HIV infection at 38.8 percent in the kingdom of 1.1 million people, according to UN estimates.

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