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    Monday, September 06, 2004

    One thing I noticed about us Malaysians is that we complain a lot. And usually to the wrong people. In other words, we usually complain to the people that don't want to hear it. For instance, if you are upset with the your co-worker, you won't bring up these feelings with the person who is causing you the grief. Instead, you're likely to keep it in and then bring it up over lunch with people you actually like enough to want to have lunch with. What makes you think they want to hear your piddly squawk? Just making conversation, right?

    But boy, do we complain. We whine and complain. No solutions but we know how to complain. And in my case right now, I am complaining about complaining.

    Me: Hey. How are you today?

    Dude #1: Aiyo man. The usual lah. I tell you. I hate my boss. He doesn't know what he is doing...that stupid Chinaman. Can die. He's always changing his mind. One minute he wants to do this, and then the next, he wants to do something else. How can? Where got people work like this one? If everyone just listens to me then we won't have any problems. Anyway...what about you?

    How did we get this way? I suppose it's human nature to want to moan and groan about everything. It's easier to be negative than to be positive. Don't get me wrong. I still want to bitch-slap Julie Andrews back to the hills that are alive with the sound of music. But doesn't it come to a point in time when you just want the other person to shut the hell up? Isn't it enough?

    How much of what we hear in a day is really useful or pleasant? On the flip side, how much of what we say in a day is really useful or are we just complaining like the other person?

    Again, it's not that I just got laid or someone gave me a puppy. No warm fuzzy feelings going on here.

    So, do the world a favour. Stop complaining. If you are in a bad situation and if you have to talk to someone about it, by all means, do it. But say whatever you have to say in three minutes or less. And then please have a solution at the end of that three minutes. If you go on without resolve, then you are complaining. At that point, you should then look for a sharp pointy object. Heat it and rub the object with salt and vinegar. And then stab it into your left eye. Now you can complain.

    Having said all this, I may have the answer as to why we complain so much. I think if we actually did not complain, whine, moan, and groan, we'd have nothing to say.

    Now, go ahead and circulate this in the email. It might actually do some good.

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