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    Friday, October 29, 2004

    OK. Stand back. I am about to do some power-blogging here.

    It is one of those instances where so much has happened, yet nothing much has happened at the same time. Sound like some pretentious zen crap but it’s true. I’ve been working (if I can call it that) and keeping busy. Anita Baker finally released a new album and I got a copy at Tower Records at KLCC, which I believe, has the dumbest people on the planet working for them. I also bought the Star Wars Trilogy on DVD from Paid RM195 for it and it retails for RM299 at Speedy Video. So, it’s true. You do save at

    When the DVDs arrived, I immediately popped it into my DVD player. It didn’t play. I guessed as much because I’ve always had problems with this piece of crap Pioneer. It won’t play some of the special features, which to me, is the only reason why one should buy a DVD. And I’ve been putting off getting a new one. But Star Wars did it for me. I went out the next day to get a new one. A Philips which not only plays DVDs but also Divx video. Now I can play the stuff I download off the Internet on my TV.

    Lightning screwed up my wireless router too. I bought a new one, NetGear, which is much better than the D-Link I had.

    Why are you still reading this? How could this possibly be interesting to you?

    I visited my grandmother last weekend. She is weaker. Can’t see as well. Can’t hear as well. She just looks lonely and bored. And that weekend, she did not recognise me. She didn’t know who I was. It made me wonder how she lives her day. Is it a new day for her every day? Or does she get confused when she sees all these people around her that she does not recognise. I talked to a friend about this and she told me of this lady who is in her 80s. She is blind. Can’t do much and can’t take care of herself. And every day she is asking that God take her “home”. Of course, this sort of thing, especially after a meal, I start to ponder on my own mortality. And when you start to ponder on this sort of thing…something you don’t usually ponder…you wonder why. Then you start asking about the meaning of life. When I do that, I getting hungry and I need a snack.

    Since Malaysian Idol got done, it has been quiet. A lot of drama on this front. And in all honesty, it has been one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever witnessed behind the scenes. You can tell that the whole thing has been a waste when no one cares now. There is no excitement or anticipation that Jaclyn Victor is the Malaysian Idol.

    Again, why are you reading this?

    A few days ago, it started pouring. I received a call from the production house I work with and they wanted a new version of the music for a Celcom commercial I did. That “gimme gimme gimme what I want” song is mine. I wrote that embarrassing piece of work. I didn’t think it would be such a big deal. Celcom was offering 5-sen SMSes. Recently, Digi offered 3-sen SMSes. And now, Celcom is coming back with something which I can’t say now but it is sensitive and senseless for me to mention. But anyone with some common sense will make a logical reduction…err, I mean, deduction as to what Celcom will do.

    On top of that, I had another call for another commercial. Goody. Then shortly after that call, Warner Music calls asking for another song for Ning. I felt so loved. And the cherry on top of all that was my meeting with Arthur and Gene that evening, which did not leave me with much time to do anything.

    We went to Prego at Westin. It was a nice restaurant with good food. We had drinks at Qba before dinner. By the time we actually went to dinner, I was already half-drunk from my pitcher of margarita, which Gene tells me was only three sips. Then we add the wine at dinner and I was in a state where I could have been sexually taken advantage of. I really need to start drinking more. I am such a pussy.

    Then we had our 8 am meeting the day after. I slept at about 5 am and set the alarm for 7 am. Somehow, I woke up at 6.30 am. I walked to the bathroom, emulsified some hair gel and put it on my head of hair. Then I realised it was still early and I went back to bed. Right when my head revisited my pillow, the Gods and my innerself went, “What the fuck was that all about?”

    Anyway, we head out to Corus Hotel near the KLCC for our meeting. The drive there was painful because of traffic. What usually would have taken 20 minutes took 60 minutes. After the 30th minute, I was thankful to the good Lord that I do not have to do this every day. My commute was walking across the hall. I will never complain about my work again.

    Then something someone said to me awhile ago struck me.

    “Not everyone can be as lucky as you and work from home and have flexible time.”

    At the moment, I didn’t respond. But after thinking about it, I think I do have a response.

    To quote a great Jedi master Obiwan Kenobi, “There is no such thing as luck.”

    And I agree.

    You see, every one has the right to work from home and work on their own hours. But not many want it bad enough. We all have bills to pay and we find a way. But some do it on their own terms and some give in and take jobs for the security. And the one thing that drives me and motivates me to have to make this self-employment thing work out for me is that…drum roll please….I am just one lazy motherfucker. I can’t wake up too early. I hate heavy traffic. I hate having to report to someone whom I think is an idiot. Oh yes, I love the regular paycheck, the water cooler, and the infinite supply of A4 paper and other wonderful office supplies. But I love being lazy more. Which is actually is really ironic because I am now working harder than I did when I had a “real job”.

    So why I say that luck isn’t involved here is because I am thinking, as far as work goes, there is usually always more work required than people providing good work. Yes, a lot of people will do it but how many people are doing the work that they are not supposed to be doing? Therefore, if you do what you do consistently well, you will eventually find work. If you are not out there, you will not have the chance to find work.

    Luck is when there are 200 million people and you hold the winning lottery ticket. Luck is when you are standing in a line at waiting to take a piss and Angelina Jolie singles you to give her a good shag.

    I remember this guy back in college. He was this ugly-looking frat guy and I told him that I too wanted to join a fraternity so I can get laid more often seeing that he is always able to get lucky (looking the way he does). [Side note: The text in the parenthesis was what I said in my head.] And he told me, “I don’t think frat guys are any luckier than non-frat guys. The only difference is that frat guys have more opportunities given the number of parties they go to.”

    Therefore, the moral of the story here is, get out more. Be there.

    Now why I never applied this to my social life is beyond me.

    Thursday, October 14, 2004

    NetGear = Good

    D-Link = Bad

    If there is one brand you should stay away from, it is D-Link. Three words: Piece Of Shit.

    And I also recommend buying from the good people at C-Zone at Low Yat Plaza. Do not buy from the ugly people at View Net. Satanic bastards!

    It is unlike me to mock another human being.

    I was channel surfing and came across 8TV's "Latte At 8". Jason Lo has this middle-aged Malay guy as a guest. I didn't get his name nor what he did for a living. But one thing this guy stressed throughout the interview was how rich and great he was.

    "I don't actually invest in actual stocks. I leave that to fund managers. I give them my money and I tell them the returns I want. And I don't care what they do to get me the returns I want. If they can't do it, I fire them and get someone else to do it."

    This is what Fools call "stupidity". Personally, I prefer the term "fucking idiot".

    Here is a guy who is probably stupid to multiply the money he got from the government or as a kick back from some project he approved. So he gives the money to over-priced fund managers who will give fucking idiot the returns he wants, only after the fund managers have deducted huge commissions and retained all other excess returns above what idiot wants.

    Then the moron goes on national TV to tell the whole world how financially savvy he is. He should just staple a note that says "SCREW ME" on his forehead.

    Thursday, October 07, 2004

    My Star Wars Trilogy DVD Box Set finally arrived. I bought it from for about RM195 shipped with priority shipping. This same box set is sold at local stores for RM299.