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    Thursday, October 14, 2004

    It is unlike me to mock another human being.

    I was channel surfing and came across 8TV's "Latte At 8". Jason Lo has this middle-aged Malay guy as a guest. I didn't get his name nor what he did for a living. But one thing this guy stressed throughout the interview was how rich and great he was.

    "I don't actually invest in actual stocks. I leave that to fund managers. I give them my money and I tell them the returns I want. And I don't care what they do to get me the returns I want. If they can't do it, I fire them and get someone else to do it."

    This is what Fools call "stupidity". Personally, I prefer the term "fucking idiot".

    Here is a guy who is probably stupid to multiply the money he got from the government or as a kick back from some project he approved. So he gives the money to over-priced fund managers who will give fucking idiot the returns he wants, only after the fund managers have deducted huge commissions and retained all other excess returns above what idiot wants.

    Then the moron goes on national TV to tell the whole world how financially savvy he is. He should just staple a note that says "SCREW ME" on his forehead.

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