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    Tuesday, November 23, 2004

    My mother gave birth to me on this day 33 years and one day ago.

    I did what I do every year on my birthday. I called my mom to wish her happy birthday since she was the one who actually did the act of birthing. As I always say, she did all the work. I just showed up. Therefore, our mothers deserve the birthday wishes as much as us.

    Anyway, I thanked my mom for allowing me hang out in her uterus for nine months until she felt it was time to squeeze me out of her vagina.

    My sister did this dinner thing for me by inviting a bunch of her friends to my place to break in the couch. Cheryl got me a badly-needed coffee table for the living room which I didn't even noticed until she called to tell me about it. And thanks to my sister, I now have Astro which will only add to my list of things to do.

    Other than that, I got flooded with SMSes which was exactly what I needed! Screw the material things! My friends REALLY know what I want. SMSes for my birthday! I apologise if I did not reply to your SMSes as I was too engrossed savouring this special unique moment.

    Which brings me to my next soapbox topic. Why do people bother with SMS greetings? I had a similar predicament recently during Hari Raya. I have many friends celebrating Hari Raya. I called a few to wish them but some I didn't feel compelled to but on the other hand, felt like I needed to. So, I go into deep thought.

    Say I send this friend an SMS. He receives it, possibly with the other tens of SMSes from other so-called well-wishers. He reads the SMS, perhaps incur the expense of replying with a "thank you", and then deletes the message.

    This person is not going to walk away with a warm fuzzy feeling after reading my SMS. He might think, I am a cheap and lazy bastard who not only thinks he am not good enough for a phone call but I've decided to inflict the inconvenience of an clearing out his phone's inbox of SMSes which will not affect his life one way or another.

    If this person is like me, I am telling you, it's a bloody pain in the ass! And I wonder why I have no friends!?!

    So, I decided not to send SMSes during Hari Raya. Except to Izham. And Firhad. And that other guy.

    Anyway, Happy Birthday Mom!

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