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    Thursday, December 23, 2004

    It has been almost a month now since I’ve had Astro installed. Frankly, it has been a lot of pressure having all those channels that need to be watched. I’ve never been one to consistently watch a lot of TV. I have not even caught up on my downloaded TV episodes of “Enterprise”, “Joey”, and “Will & Grace” yet and now I have “Matrix Reloaded” calling out to me on HBO.

    First, I have an open question to Astro: Why the subtitles on screen which takes up 30% of the screen? The translate jokes in Malay isn’t any funnier. Shouldn’t the subtitles only be there WHEN I WANT IT? Isn’t that what the SUBTITLE button on my Astro remote is for?

    And I have eight other observations which you may or may not care for.

    1. You can always watch an episode of “Friends” even though you have seen it 72 times.

    2. The longest three seconds of your life is when you are scanning the channels and you hit the Astro Box Office channels and you have to wait for it to “do its thing” before you can move on.

    3. A person is 85% more likely to watch a movie he has seen on one of the movie channels instead of the other movies on the other channels that he hasn’t seen but did want to.

    4. Men are 78% more likely to watch a movie they did not want to watch in the first place because it was a romantic comedy or they thought it was crap.

    5. If a person watches Astro one hour before an appointment, there is a 68.8% chance that this person will be late for the appointment and a 45.2% chance that this person will cancel the appointment.

    6. I now know Malaysia is in the same time zone as Hong Kong and the Philippines and one hour ahead of Thailand.

    7. All those channels and still nothing to watch.

    8. Thanks to Astro, I now know how to speak with a British accent.

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