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    Thursday, December 30, 2004

    Not that I'll have to cancel my evening plans tomorrow, but I am surprised and disappointed that the Prime Minister has called the country to cancel new year's eve celebrations tomorrow.

    I can hear all the event organisers in the country getting a heart attack right now.

    This move says a lot about the man as a leader of a country. And it worries me a little. Because it shows Badawi as a man of response rather than of forward action. (All those years in business school taught me who to write crap like that!)

    For me, the best thing to do is for the country to move on. It has happened. Let the healing begin. Go on and celebrate the new year. Be mindful and respectful. Don't get pissed drunk and then start humping a goat. Don't kid yourself. (Hah!) Do it as a celebration of life. Whatever people do to greet the new year, do it with a purpose to help those in need. Donate portions of your business takings to charity. Spread the message at the concerts. Show some love. Just shelve the strippers and techno music.

    People in India are playing cricket to raise money for charity. And here we are, praying.

    I am reminded of the former mayor of New York City, Rudolph Giuliani. After the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, he regrouped, and told the city of New York to return to normalcy. Again, let the healing begin. For me, it shows sign of positive leadership and courage to say that.

    Sitting around and praying is not going to do anything for the country except to bum everyone out. Don't get me wrong. Pray, by all means. But there is no need to make it a national agenda. And seriously, do you think people are going to stop partying tomorrow? Hell no! The loser here is really the Malaysian economy.

    I guess tomorrow I will just have to limit my wild night of counting backwards, excessive drinking and wanton sex with anonymous strangers within the boundaries of my apartment walls instead of the park at KLCC or Bangsar. What a bummer.

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