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    Friday, December 24, 2004

    Several of my, evidently, good friends have gotten me very lovely Holiday presents this year. (They don't qualify as Christmas presents since I am not Christian, although I do know some of the songs.) And I got the presents early this year since many of them were also going away for the Christmas holidays. Skiing perhaps.

    Let me spare them the suspense. I am not getting anyone any gifts this year. In fact, I don't think I've gotten anyone anything at any Christmas. There are prerequisites you see.

    The only person getting a gift from me this year is Vince, since he is Christian. I was going to get something for his sister too but I couldn't find a box large enough to put myself in.

    But please, don't let the gifts stop coming my way. Please.

    (Taken from "256 Ways To Guarantee A Gift-Free Christmas: Mommy...Santa Doesn't Like Me." p 123.)

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