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    Sunday, December 26, 2004

    That Learning Channel package on Astro is truly a channel for learning. I already feel so much smarter and geekier. I now know how the CIA train their spies. I also know how the built a super liner. I can't believe that women in Africa do freaky shit to their lips to attract men. And it's confirmed that the only man that looks good in sandals is Jesus.

    But here's one that really floated my boat. Some guy was looking for Noah's flood in the Black Sea. Yes, that Noah. The one with the ark and his animals walking in twos in to a boat he built because God was pissed and he was going to flood the world and destroy mankind.

    Anyway, this archeologist found traces of civilisation on the bed of the Black Sea. I find that very fascinating. But what made me ponder was why didn't I read any of this in the newspapers or hear it on CNN first? This is an amazing discovery that could change history and have an impact on the mind-controlling substance called religion.

    Then it hit me. Maybe this is not real. Maybe its entertainment. Perhaps "The National Geographic Channel" is like the "World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment" of the news world. On the flip side, maybe this is really news but the mainstream news media do not want to carry this news.

    Oh the humanity.

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