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    Tuesday, January 04, 2005

    **** *** Fuck

    For some people, when they want to get a expletive across on paper, instead of typing “fuck” or “shit” or “asshole”, they’d type “f**k”, “shi*t”, and “a**hole”. To which I ask, why?

    If you are going to say it, go right out and say it because there is no other p*ssible c*herent m*aning for w*rds with an asterisk in it. Well, except for N*Sync. If you are going to be polite, don’t even use the word at all. Or if you are looking to not offend the reader, don’t use it.

    It is almost as lame as people who say “F off!”

    Idiot: Batdude. You are an A-hole. Why don’t you just F off!
    Me: I am a what-hole? And you want me to what-off?
    Idiot: You know…butt-hole….and why don’t you just …you know…toot off and die.
    Me: Oooh…asshole. What A-hole. I thought you talking about a musical chord. A-minor. A-major. A-Hole. Say so la.
    Idiot: Errrr….ya.
    Me: Tell you what. Before I fuck off and die, why don’t you take your sister’s left prosthetic leg and shove it your ass and keep it there until your mama slams it all the way in until it comes back out through your nose.

    Never say I am not poetic.

    In conclusion, if you are going to use these words, at least me man enough to spell it right. With that, I wish you a fucking good day.

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