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    Sunday, January 23, 2005

    I would like to give the government and the recycling people a clue.

    Generally, I think most people would recycle if it were convenient. Right now, I save my Coke cans, plastic bottles, and then when I run out of space, I don't know where to dump the crap. I can't bring it to the trash because they don't have the multi-coloured bins for me to place my stuff to recycle.

    And the only place I know is 1-Utama which is on the other side of town. So I load up my Coke cans in the car and drive around for days until that day when I go to 1-Utama. Then, like a freak, I get out of my car, open the trunk and then I pull out this huge garbage bag full of cans. You have no idea how ridiculous I look and feel when I do this. All this for the environment.

    Therefore, if the government is really serious about getting people to recycle, all they need to do is to make it compulsory for all apartments and condos to have recycling bins within their compound, and all housing areas to have recycling bins within a one-kilometre radius. And then get people to collect them. No need for those stupid ads and silly recycling songs. OK, maybe a few ads to teach people about separating their trash for recycling just so that stupid Ah Beng does not think he is doing the environment a favour when he tries to recycle his used condoms.

    If they want to make their marketing campaign attractive, perhaps they could hold up a recycling bag like a nutsack. That worked for the TPC Egg guys.

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