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    Sunday, January 09, 2005

    Let me start by saying that I am in love. This evening I met Amber Chia, that Guess? supermodel and Gloria Ting, Miss Malaysia/Universe 2004.

    I actually touched Amber Chia. She touched me back. We engaged in conversation. At one point while she was speaking, I think she got her spit on me and it landed on my lips. We were practically kissing. I touched Amber Chia. She asked for my card. I touched Amber Chia. She gave me her card. I touched Amber Chia. And she told my friend that I am cute. Amber Chia thinks I am cute. But I am sure in the same way she thinks Homer Simpson is cute. Fuck. Did I mention I touched Amber Chia? Anyway, I touched Amber Chia.

    I am pretty sure this page will turn up in Google's search results for Amber Chia.

    Anyway, tonight I am reminded of a truism in life. God is fair. All the good looks in the world, but some people really should just keep their mouth shut and just stand there naked.

    I touched Amber Chia.

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