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    Saturday, January 01, 2005

    Let me tell you what I did on New Year's Eve.

    I was at home rearranging furniture in my work space and rewiring my audio setup. It started at 10 pm and it ended at 6 am. And let me tell you what joy it was.

    This is the "before" picture.

    I am going into geek mode now.

    Can you imagine, just three years ago, I had three racks of equipment. With new technology, I've shedded a lot of gear which are now sitting all over my apartment and I can't give it away!

    But today, I have the least equipment I've ever had and my production output is at the highest quality it has ever been. All the wiring was done in 15 minutes as opposed to it taking hours before. And everything worked when I fired it up. I am getting an erection just talking about it.

    Notice how streamlined things are now. And with my wireless mouse and keyboard, I can now move my mouse over to the music keyboard when I play. Sweet Moses! Although I need better speaker placement.

    After today, I think I am now ready for a long term commitment with the opposite sex.

    Man, do I know how to party or what?

    Happy new year everyone!

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