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    Monday, January 31, 2005

    Thanks to my Amber Chia-connection, LSC, I was given a sugary Danish treat at Genting Highlands this evening. While wishing this Danish treat was actually a danish or some kind of pastry, it was Michael Learns To Rock.

    MLTR, not to be confused with LOTR, is perhaps the only Danish rock group that has managed to help define the “Cheras sound” and is responsible for changing the landscape of karaoke bars across Asia.

    If you’re a Type 1, then it’s your birthright to hate their music. You know the words but that’s beside the point. But having met the band after the concert and seeing this social revelation I just witnessed, I can’t help wonder if the band members themselves can’t stand their own music and the band that is Michael Learns To Rock.

    Outside an all-star TVB concert, I’ve never seen so many peace-sign-loving,-karaoke-junkies with boyfriends old enough to be their father or local women speaking English with weird accents to their white husbands old enough to be their father who are at the concert because their dumbass wife loves “Paint My Love” but is tolerating it because he has an Asian fetish.

    What a sight of tastelessness.

    And it did reaffirm my view that Asians, or in this case, Malaysians (or a majority of) have a knack of embracing the crap the rest of the world rejects.

    Good new though, that I managed to get not one, but two autographed postcards of the band. Bidding starts at RM50. DNA of the guitarist may be embedded in the card. I think he licked the pen he used to sign the card.

    Please excuse me while I undo some major damage to my taste buds after this evening.

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