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    Saturday, February 19, 2005

    I think I know what Finnish for "piece of shit" is. Nokia.

    If you go to Finland and someone yells out at you, "Hey apina! Te aari Nokia", it means "Hey monkeyboy, you're a piece of shit!"

    My first mobile phone back in 1997 was a Nokia. And I've been a loyal Nokia user since, with some six Nokia models following. The operating system was simple and so easy to use. However, the last Nokia I had, the 6610 drove me up the wall. After a month with it, as much as I tried to like it or get used to it, it finally broke me. It's official. I hate Nokia as a company and its products. Nokia phones suck ass. They had such a good thing going and they totally screwed themselves over. I do not have to tell you to not buy Nokia since Motorola and Samsung are already kicking their ass.

    Kuihtua Nokia! Kuihtua!*

    I hope this shows up in Google too!

    * Die Nokia! Die!

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