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    Friday, February 18, 2005

    It recently came to my attention that if one clips his/her nails at night, the sound of the nails being clipped will attract spirits. This one single bit of information has changed my nail clipping schedule.

    But it's odd. I've been clipping my nails at night for the past 25 years and I've yet to see or feel the supernatural. And not that I am complaining.

    Therefore, we should only cut our nails during the day when it is safe. I am assuming that is because the spirits are either, 1. afraid of the light; 2. sleeping during the day because the stayed up all night responding to the clipping noises; 3. too much noise during the day to hear clipping noises; or 4. the spirits prefer to spook at night for greater effect.

    Got me thinking. Really, why only at night? What is wrong with the day? Why does anything spooky has to happen at night? So last night, I am thinking, screw it. I need to tend to my harden cuticles. When you gotta clip, you gotta clip.

    It's 3 am. I'm sitting in front of my PC. I reach out for the nailclipper-bottle-opener combo which Ferhad got me as a souvenir from the Maldives. I clip away with great skill and precision. Just after the second nail, the power suddenly fluctuates enough to make the circuit breaker trip cutting off power. The uninterrupted power supply (UPS) for my PC kicks in. Suddenly, I am sitting in the dark except for the light from my two LCD panels which are being powered by this UPS which is beeping like crazy.

    My first reaction is to quickly safe my work and turn off the PC. I do that and now I am in complete darkness. I quickly go out to the power circuir board and turn the main power back on.

    Everything looks OK now. I continue clipping my nails and then felt really sleepy. I washed up and then went to sleep with fresh-cut nails.

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