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    Tuesday, March 15, 2005

    Pillow Talk Wisdom #1

    I turn on the TV this evening and I get this local talk show called “Pillow Talk” with Jojo Struys. Jojo is another example of a person who just keep her mouth shut and just stand there naked. She plays the whole ditz thing, like, very well, she is like, totally complete with the bad accent and like, who turn up the pretentious dial to 11 again? Like, whatever.

    Funnily enough, when Sarimah was on the show last week, Jojo suddenly lost her accent. Why la?

    Anyway, this show is a total waste of spectrum. It has absolutely no entertainment value after the first fifteen seconds. But I suppose it serves its purpose to the 38 beautiful people in the wanna-be art/high-society scene for them to say, “Hey, I was on “Pillow Talk!” and then high-five each other.

    Really, do we need a show where a model talks to other models? Oh the mental energy.

    Jojo: What is your favourite number?
    Model 1: Seven.

    And this is how she starts the show. After the opening credits where the name of the guests are shown.

    Jojo: Hi! Welcome to Pillow Talk. You will not guess who I have on the show with me today.
    Me: Your mama?

    Models talk on.

    Jojo: What is the favourite part of your body?
    Model 2: My arm pits.

    Oh the humanity.

    Of course, after this blog entry, it will show up in Google. And because the phase of moon is in line with the stars of Venus, I will bump into Jojo at Starbucks while being introduced by our mutual friend who happened to be reading this blog entry.

    That's all the time we have today. Until next week, let me blow you a kiss.