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    Thursday, April 07, 2005

    Let me be the first man to openly say this to female-kind: I will still love you even if your skin isn’t transparency. I don’t think this get said enough.

    There is this ad on TV for Loreal's whitening cream. It promises “fair and transparent skin.”

    My first thought was “Do we really want transparent skin?”

    Ponder on that for a moment. Imagine a piece of meat with shrink wrap. That’s what transparent skin looks like on flesh.

    Moving on to my second thought. What is this thing Asian women have for fair skin? Or is there a unwritten requirement that Chinese women should look fair? But then again, there is this even more ridiculous product called “Fair & Lovely” which targets Indian women. Well, at least it is less freaky than being “Fair & Transparent.”

    To all those who think having fair skin means being more attractive, I want to leave you with a thought with hopes that you will reconsider: Michael Jackson.

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