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    Monday, May 30, 2005

    I’ve been really good so far. I am a big Star Wars fan. I haven’t blogged anything on Star Wars or constructed any sentences based on Yoda’s School of Grammar. This whole back-ass-wards Yoda talk is about as annoying as Gollum’s “my precious” and anyone who does this Yoda thing should be pimp-slapped.

    All I will say with reference to Star Wars is that I had a chance to go the premiere with Ning Baizura and I didn’t go because I had to work! Waaaaaaaaah. (Crying…not in awe.) And speaking of Ning, she and her manager held a kenduri. My first kenduri and I didn’t take pictures. And they handed out AIM awards to all the producers for her award-winning album “Erti Pertemuan” which is available at a music store near you. So now I have one sitting on my speaker. I hope this helps me get laid more often but I seriously doubt it. I think it is just a regular award as opposed to a magic award.

    Anyway, I like Star Wars Episode 3. A little overkill but I still like it. What I didn’t care to much for was “Madagascar.” Unless you have nothing else better to do, don’t watch it. Watch “The Incredibles” or “Sepet” instead. Or remove lint from your pockets.

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