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    Tuesday, May 17, 2005

    Pillow Talk Wisdom #5

    There must either be a model strike or she is scrapping the bottom of the barrel, but this week’s guest was Fazura. Again, I asked, who the fuck is Fazura? Shock horror, Fazura is a model but wait there’s more. She is also a host and an actress.

    As with every week on Pillow Talk, former Mensa member, Jojo Struys asks the really tough questions like “Do you prefer acting or hosting” or “Do you make it a point to remove all your makeup?”. But this time, Jojo has met her match with a guest even dumber than her. I could feel my IQ dropping with each mind-numbing response.

    Jojo: What do you look for in a guy?
    Fazura: Just be yourself and get it going on.


    Fazura: I am so totally turned on by purple.


    Fazura: I like honest guys. I was at a Christmas eve party and I was at the bar in my mini skirt posing. You know, posing. Then this guy comes up to me and sprays with some orange stuff. My skirt was all orange. I find him honest.

    So, if you are purple and you look like a teddy bear with social delinquency, give Fazura a call.

    Jojo: What’s the favourite part of your body?
    Fazura: My eyes.
    Jojo: Really?
    Fazura: No.


    Fazura: I want to have twelve kids. Eleven boys and one girl.

    Waaaaaah. That chromosome-control medication is finally kicking in.

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