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    Friday, June 17, 2005

    I think you're a tad too obsess with this jojo gurl...I mean she could think like ur all pervy or something..Break it to her and ask her out for petes' sake...

    Posted by biffonz_eldren at June 8, 2005 03:30 AM

    Perhaps I was stuttering, but I do not think I am in love with this “Jojo gurl.”

    Although my Monday nights have not been the same since my Jojo hasn’t been talking pillow talk. I missed the last episode with Wong Sze Zen; yet another potential candidate for the position as MENSA spokesperson. Fellow Jojo-fan, Li Hsian helped with some updates.

    “Now that I am Miss Malaysia, I think twice before doing things. Not that it is wrong or anything with getting wasted every weekend. I still want to be myself but now I have to think very carefully.”

    Imagine the thought process.

    *Glissing harp sounds*

    “Hmmmm….I feel like get wasted tonight. Should I or should I not? Cannot simply get drunk now. Must think twice. If I get too smashed wait no sponsor will want me. Maybe Guess or La Senza people will be there and if they see me hiao hiao maybe they don’t want me to be their ambassador like Amber Chia. Aiyo. How ah? Aiyah…forgot to buy conditioner just now at Carrefour. Maybe I drink a bit. I still want to be myself and have fun. Aiyah…this Miss Malaysia thing damn mah-fan man!”

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