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    Friday, July 01, 2005

    Cheryl and I had lunch today at House & Co. at BSC this afternoon. The place was packed with these women who are really professional wives. They just sit around all day, eat and sip coffee, go shopping, and tell their domestic help what to do. I am not certain but I am fairly confident that 10% of Botox users in KL were in that café. They were not eating and they were just sitting there taking up valuable space from people who really need that curry laksa fix.

    Anyway, we had to share a table with these two 40-something women. It was a fairly large table and there were some comfortable space between us. However, it was the quietest meal I’ve had in a long time given that I was eavesdropping, through no fault of mine. She was loud.

    “I had another argument with Edward* today. The baby was crying in the dark and Edward just sat there. I asked “Can’t you make yourself useful?” but he said he couldn’t see the baby. Then we argued and I was really cold to him. I felt that I lost all emotion when I spoke with him. Then I told him that maybe we shouldn’t be together anymore.”

    She went on to tell her friend that she does not need him anymore. She does not need him financially, emotionally, or physically.

    There you have it, the genesis of a possible divorce or separation.

    Needless to say, this conversation was captivating. Never let it be said that I do not listen.

    What’s up with this sort of women? What kind of man do they need? What kind of man are they looking for? From my observations, they are usually single, divorced, or with some white guy because they think Asian men just don’t understand them. (Which I really think it’s code for “Asian men think they are a total bitch!”) And you usually find them in cities like KL or Singapore.

    Anyway, I couldn’t help thinking of the possibility that I might one day end up with a woman like that where I outlive my usefulness. Whatever the hell that means.

    * His real name.

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