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    Saturday, July 23, 2005

    Let me start off by asking...

    Don’t you think Mr Fantastic is too old for Invisible Girl? It’s “Invisible Girl”. Not “Invisible Woman” or “Miss Fantastic.”

    I’ve been going on without any food in the fridge for the past month or so and I’ve finally faced the inevitable of doing groceries. Even so, it was because Mr Manager (no relation to Mr Fantastic) managed to freak me out by saying “You should have at least two eggs in your fridge at all times. Lillian Too said so.” Can’t argue with logic and science.

    So I groce.

    What’s up with these people who would jam up the aisles for a five strands of noodles just because it is free? And you know what’s worse than standing in line for a free taste of instant noodles? Going for seconds.

    I digress. But I groce. I’m going low-carb. No bread or noodles. Lots of meats. I am not sure if I am going Atkins but I am feeling constipated already. It's almost two hours from shopping to home. Throw out expired crap in the fridge. Fill up the refrigerator with new stuff. Now I feel like eating out.

    Fact: I have food in the fridge.
    What it really means: Now there’s food rotting away in the fridge.

    While grocing, it got me thinking about our local brands. (Shopping makes me think crazy!)

    Why do local companies tend to use their products as mascots? For instance, “The Chicken Rice Shop” uses the chicken as its mascot. Even the local KFC once used Super Chook as its mascot a long time ago. Think about it. If you were a chicken, would you encourage your fellow chickens to be eaten. You’d be seen as the Uncle Tom of chickens. The chicken who sold out. No wonder our local brands don’t make it.

    See, McDonald’s have a clown named Ronald. Not a cow hawking the Big Mac cause that would just be sick and gross.

    Besides the food products, I also bought some entertainment. One was “The Essential Michael Jackson” which after looking at the pictures of Mike over the years in the inlay, highlighted two things for me. One, I am old. Two, plastic surgery as come a long way. Second, was the 20th Anniversary Edition of “E.T.” reinforcing the first point from the Michael Jackson CD.

    So tonight, I am staying clear out of my home studio. I am going to eat a huge piece of meat. Update my blog and figure out how to podcast on my iPod. Watch E.T. and perhaps sexually harass myself. Then read my Harry Potter and go to sleep before midnight. All this on a Saturday night. Before you know it, I’d be doing something crazy like going to the gym. What kind of fucked up world am I living in?

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