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    Tuesday, August 30, 2005

    I believe the management of shopping and office complexes actually have those signs that say “Please make sure your car is locked” noticeable only after you are far far far away from your car simply just to mess with your head.

    Me: Did I lock the car?
    Jac: I think so.
    Me: Damn. Did you hear the car beep thing?
    Jac: Errr…I think so.
    Me: OK. I am going back to check.
    Jac: No wait. I think you locked the car.
    Me: Are you sure?
    Jac: Yes I am sure. But maybe you better check.
    Me: Fucker.
    Jac: Did you turn off the stove after boiling water this morning?
    Me: Kanina.

    Then there’s this other thing about people who walk into elevators and try to continue their conversation on their mobile phone. Granted, some elevators still have coverage but generally, most do not. So if you are walking into an elevator and the phone rings, don’t be yelling “Hello…hello….hello…hello…can you hear me? Hello…hello…hello.”

    Do that and you are forcing me to pee on you.

    I am on a mission these days. I want to complete my ripping of some 1000 CDs that I have or before I run out of disk space either on my PC or on my iPod. Yes I know. I am a wild man!

    Friday, August 26, 2005

    Here's a train wreck.

    Sara: Hi. What do you do?
    Me: I work at Ikea.
    Sara: Wow. Interesting. What do you do there?
    Me: I am the person who names all the furniture. We don't use product numbers. Instead we give them names like Mikhail and Pax.

    Normally the conversation about my job ends there. But not today.

    Sara: How much discount do you get if you buy furniture from Ikea?
    Me: Err...30%
    Sara: Do you think you can help me buy some furniture?
    Me: Err...sorry but I have already maxed out my staff purchase quota.
    Sara: Oh. Maybe you have some discount vouchers. I have seen those.
    Me: mean gift certificates? You actually have to buy those.
    Sara: Can you get them for me?
    Me: have to pay for them.

    The woman looks at me expressionless.

    Me: must really love your Ikea furniture.
    Sara: Yes. Maybe you can let me know when you have a sale and let me in early.
    Me: You know, I actually tried to name a stool Homo. But they wouldn't let me. But I did manage to name a couch Lesebo.
    Sara: How much profit margin do they make on the furniture?
    Me: I love that new Harry Potter.
    Sara: About those gift think you can help me get some?
    Me: Man...what about that haze. Don't you miss it?
    Sara: Where are we on the gift certificates?

    Wednesday, August 24, 2005

    I am blogging today. Don’t expect anything funny or clever.

    The reason why I haven’t blogged in awhile is because I’ve been busy with work and reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It took quite awhile but I finally finished that book. I really like it. I don’t think I remember much of the story since I’d read a few pages before I go to sleep. And usually, when I do get into to bed, I am already sleepy. So what I just said made to sense as to why I would bother reading before bed. That’s how I finished Harry Potter and the Temple of Doom too. And I don’t remember a thing from that book except the death of that one guy. And how Harry became Lord Vadermort.

    The past months had little meaning. I wake up. Start up the computer. Press the keyboard and mouse a few thousand times. Turn a knob or two. I get hungry at about 8 pm. I go out to eat. Come home. Start the computer again. Turn more knobs. Get into bed at about 5 am. Read two pages of Harry Potter. Fall asleep. And the really sad thing is, I haven’t lost any weight. Fuck. Most people who go through these things usually lose weight.

    The uber-geek in me reared its ugly head and made me buy the entire seven seasons of Star Trek Voyager on DVD. This introduced me to the double-sided DVD. I hate this things. They don’t work well for me.

    Then I get this call from my mother last week. My grandmother lost her balance and fell. Now she is bed-ridden and she won’t speak. I haven’t gone back to see her in months. I am not sure if she is bed-ridden or she just refuses to get out of bed because she is afraid to walk. So, I am going back home this weekend. Don’t make plans with me.

    I should have gone back to visit her but I was just swamped with work. I wonder how many people regret saying that.

    “I’ve been busy with work.”

    Then I met Est for lunch the other day and told her about my grandmother. She told me that she regretted not going home more to visit her parents when they were still around. She has regrets. I guess I know this all along. We all know this but yet we do otherwise. The label for this is “Taking Things For Granted.” But I like taking things for granted. It is easier on me.

    On that note. Let’s part-tay!

    Friday, August 05, 2005

    On behalf of men around the world, I have this message to the women and girls who ride in our cars. When you are on the driver’s side and you are feeling cold because of the conditioned air, please, PLEASE, please ask us to turn the air conditioner down or shut off the flow of conditioned air on your left. Do NOT face the blades of the air outlet towards the windows with the thinking that you do not want the air blowing at you. It does not help. Just shut off the air flow. The only thing facing the blades away and towards the window does is to fog up the windows which makes it difficult to see through the window. And this will invariably piss us off. So, don’t do it.

    Tuesday, August 02, 2005

    I almost wish you blew my head off - it's that cool. I'm a total Mac person.

    DJ/Web designer/music video director/club promoter is robbed with Apple's latest product: the iGun.

    Monday, August 01, 2005

    I am not in love. I am curious.

    How does one upgrade the relationship from "friend" to "boy/girlfriend"?

    Looking back, I can't say that I've had a romantic transition from being friends to being more than friends. Is it me or does that turning point involve sex?

    So, there's that really awkward stage where there's sizzle at the beginning of the courting stage. (Courting? Do people still use that word in 2005 or did that word go out in the 80s along with shoulder pads?) Things are exciting. "Oooh. We touched. Does that mean anything?" And then, boom. Bodies touching. Lots of moisture. Suddenly, there's the relationship. For some, it takes five months. For others, it's two weeks.

    On the flip side, we have that "we were friends forever" situation. These two people have been friends for three years. Then they started going out. Where is the turning point? One drunken night?

    All this drama. Chalk this as another incentive to get married, besides the buffet of sex.

    Again, I am curious. I would love to hear how people made that transition from friends to lovers. What was that turning point?

    The lines are open.