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    Wednesday, August 24, 2005

    I am blogging today. Don’t expect anything funny or clever.

    The reason why I haven’t blogged in awhile is because I’ve been busy with work and reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It took quite awhile but I finally finished that book. I really like it. I don’t think I remember much of the story since I’d read a few pages before I go to sleep. And usually, when I do get into to bed, I am already sleepy. So what I just said made to sense as to why I would bother reading before bed. That’s how I finished Harry Potter and the Temple of Doom too. And I don’t remember a thing from that book except the death of that one guy. And how Harry became Lord Vadermort.

    The past months had little meaning. I wake up. Start up the computer. Press the keyboard and mouse a few thousand times. Turn a knob or two. I get hungry at about 8 pm. I go out to eat. Come home. Start the computer again. Turn more knobs. Get into bed at about 5 am. Read two pages of Harry Potter. Fall asleep. And the really sad thing is, I haven’t lost any weight. Fuck. Most people who go through these things usually lose weight.

    The uber-geek in me reared its ugly head and made me buy the entire seven seasons of Star Trek Voyager on DVD. This introduced me to the double-sided DVD. I hate this things. They don’t work well for me.

    Then I get this call from my mother last week. My grandmother lost her balance and fell. Now she is bed-ridden and she won’t speak. I haven’t gone back to see her in months. I am not sure if she is bed-ridden or she just refuses to get out of bed because she is afraid to walk. So, I am going back home this weekend. Don’t make plans with me.

    I should have gone back to visit her but I was just swamped with work. I wonder how many people regret saying that.

    “I’ve been busy with work.”

    Then I met Est for lunch the other day and told her about my grandmother. She told me that she regretted not going home more to visit her parents when they were still around. She has regrets. I guess I know this all along. We all know this but yet we do otherwise. The label for this is “Taking Things For Granted.” But I like taking things for granted. It is easier on me.

    On that note. Let’s part-tay!


    XMOCHA! said...

    hugs, that reminds me to go home soon..


    Ren von Deitk said...

    You're working too hard, Audi. Take a break, even if it's for a few hours a day. Clear the mind and the EARS. All work and no play makes Audi a very dull producer. (Though what I've heard so far will probably make Audi a very rich producer soon...)

    Anonymous said...

    go home. spend some quiet time with ur grandma. i'm sure she got some really kinky stories to tell, now that she's assigned to the bed.