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    Monday, August 01, 2005

    I am not in love. I am curious.

    How does one upgrade the relationship from "friend" to "boy/girlfriend"?

    Looking back, I can't say that I've had a romantic transition from being friends to being more than friends. Is it me or does that turning point involve sex?

    So, there's that really awkward stage where there's sizzle at the beginning of the courting stage. (Courting? Do people still use that word in 2005 or did that word go out in the 80s along with shoulder pads?) Things are exciting. "Oooh. We touched. Does that mean anything?" And then, boom. Bodies touching. Lots of moisture. Suddenly, there's the relationship. For some, it takes five months. For others, it's two weeks.

    On the flip side, we have that "we were friends forever" situation. These two people have been friends for three years. Then they started going out. Where is the turning point? One drunken night?

    All this drama. Chalk this as another incentive to get married, besides the buffet of sex.

    Again, I am curious. I would love to hear how people made that transition from friends to lovers. What was that turning point?

    The lines are open.


    Anonymous said...

    the mails are never gonna stop on tis topic. it's too universal a question to discuss and everybody's got a story to tell.

    wanna know more stories? try


    Anonymous said...

    "These two people have been friends for three years. Then they started going out."

    Ya know wat, ya got a point there.

    Usually it takes another guy/gal into the pic and walla, both discover got feelings for one another.

    Call it miracle of life, call it tryst of destiny..whichever it is, it's fickle to say the least.


    XMOCHA! said...

    i guess the most important thing is that it take both hands to clap, and the trust that you have built is part catalyst for the transition

    Anonymous said...

    what? when do they decide to clap?

    Going-Solo said...

    no one relationship is the same, so you can't really call it weird that friends (forever) start seeing each other romantically.

    many couples are also best friends with each other so I find it most normal that close friends become lovers.

    the saying that romantic relationship should has its mystery...or that lovers should stay mysterious to each other to keep the flame going is crap for some ppl. long term relationships are built on trusted familarity, deep-bond and close-knit partnership, not grounded on the mysterious seduction...hence friendship before couplehood definitely is not weird.

    me and my man were friends for five years before we became somethign's very nice to know your lover for a long time.

    Ren von Deitk said...

    Audi....let's go eat.