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    Tuesday, August 30, 2005

    I believe the management of shopping and office complexes actually have those signs that say “Please make sure your car is locked” noticeable only after you are far far far away from your car simply just to mess with your head.

    Me: Did I lock the car?
    Jac: I think so.
    Me: Damn. Did you hear the car beep thing?
    Jac: Errr…I think so.
    Me: OK. I am going back to check.
    Jac: No wait. I think you locked the car.
    Me: Are you sure?
    Jac: Yes I am sure. But maybe you better check.
    Me: Fucker.
    Jac: Did you turn off the stove after boiling water this morning?
    Me: Kanina.

    Then there’s this other thing about people who walk into elevators and try to continue their conversation on their mobile phone. Granted, some elevators still have coverage but generally, most do not. So if you are walking into an elevator and the phone rings, don’t be yelling “Hello…hello….hello…hello…can you hear me? Hello…hello…hello.”

    Do that and you are forcing me to pee on you.

    I am on a mission these days. I want to complete my ripping of some 1000 CDs that I have or before I run out of disk space either on my PC or on my iPod. Yes I know. I am a wild man!

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