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    Thursday, September 08, 2005

    My doorbell goes off at 8 this morning. Apparently, some boob called the police and told them to check up on me and that I could be decomposing on the floor which means one thing: Lower resale value of the property.

    I am wrapping up some projects now and there’s a faint light at the end of the tunnel. It could be a train coming right at me. I was hoping to take the rest of the year off because I’ve been working like a dog these past two years. I am grateful for the position I am in but three thoughts (thoughts?) I had recently are forcing me to reevaluate my life.

    The first is my grandmother. I didn’t see her enough. I didn’t take enough pictures with her. I didn’t get to know her more. I didn’t get to take her to the country she had wanted to visit; China. Even though she is still around, I have regrets. She doesn’t recognise me anymore. I have regrets. My grandmother. Friends. Ex-girlfriends. Life. I do not want this same regret to spill over to my parents and what I have now. I think I just wrote lyrics to a country song.

    You might want to sit down for the second one. I am actually thinking about going to the gym and getting a trainer. If you know me, having me even THINK about it, let alone have it down in written form is like having Elton John say, “Gosh, I think I might be straight” or Bill Gates go “Maybe the Mac is the way to go!” So there. Now I need to find a trainer who will kick my ass and drag me to the gym three time a week. If you know a good one…

    The last thought, I had this morning while chatting with JW. I am kinda sorta maybe smitten by someone.

    JW: Do you like her?
    Me: I think I do.
    JW: Why don’t you give it a go?
    Me: What does one do when he wants to give it a go?
    JW: Ask her out for a meal/movie?
    Me: Good idea. How would I know if she likes me that way?
    JW: Ask her out again.
    JW: And again.
    Me: Right.
    JW: If she’s busy all the time, then you’d know she is not interested.
    Me: What a waste of time these things are. That’s why I am all for arranged-marriages.

    And that’s when I also realised two shockers. I am romantically inept. And to make things worse. I do not look like Johnny Depp. Which all adds up to me being pretty much fucked. What a predicament.

    For our somewhat belated tech tip of the week, I would like to suggest two alternatives to applications you may be using. If you are still using Internet Explorer as your main browser, switch to Firefox. It’s fast and efficient. Most importantly, it is safer than Internet Explorer. Using Firefox will reduce your risk and exposure to all the crap out there that is attacking IE. Get it at You will immediately be closer to finding inner peace.

    The second one is Trillian. I don’t understand people who will run two or three instant messaging apps at the same time in order to be connected to various networks (ICQ, MSN, or Yahoo) just so they can have their emoticons. Do you not realise that all these apps are slowing your PC down? Therefore, run Trillian. Just one application. It connects to MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ, AOL, and IRC. You can still do emoticons but you can’t do that window buzz thing in Yahoo! or those annoying things in MSN. But it leaves you more room to do other things like surfing for porn.

    Batdude. It’s infotainment.

    Moving along.

    I also noticed something else recently. How some people say “bye”.

    It’s no longer a simple “bye”. It’s now “boi” or “bai-yee” or some other baby-talk variation.

    Pray tell. Why?

    There is nothing more attractive than an adult reducing himself or herself to this infantile form.

    Me: I’m leaving now. See you later.
    Other guy: OK. Boi boi.
    Me: Now why you wanna say it like that?
    Other guy: What?
    Me: Boi boi. What the flying fuck is that?
    Other guy: Err…I guess I am just trying to be cute.
    Me: Well, don’t. You sound like a putz.

    Then it made me think about the way people have said their goodbyes. At one time, it was the thing to say “bye” in a different language. “Ciao” comes to mind. It’s not just a title of a song. Perhaps it is hard to say goodbye.

    On that note, bye.


    XMOCHA! said...

    i wasnt the one who call the police- but u know that right?

    glad u are ok.

    You need to deprogram urself. I dont think you are romantically inept. I think u are just way too cautious and there is a huge lock or locks inside somewhere.


    Kudzamoxi said...

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