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    Monday, October 03, 2005

    Last night, I earned my rite of passage and came closer to becoming a bona fide Malaysian.

    I bribed a policeman.

    Yes, it was my fault. I commited a traffic offence. I take full responsibility for my actions. What surprised me was how easy it was to bribe the guy.

    I thought I had to do this whole song and dance with him but he just went ahead and told me it's a RM200 fine if he gave me a ticket but it could be less. And before you know it, I was handing him RM50. It was that easy.

    So there you go. The Malaysian police at a discount!

    If you don't hear from me in 48 hours or if this blog goes off line, tell my parents that I love them.

    Malaysia Boleh!

    1 comment:

    ashkarya said...

    Raya's coming. Get your RM50 ready.