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    Tuesday, October 18, 2005

    Me after 40 seconds on the stepper: I want to die.
    Gym trainer guy: It's OK. Have some water.
    Me: OK.
    Gym trainer guy: You know, you should drink something that will replenish your system. Something like Gatorade or 100 Plus.
    Me: I am not a fan of Gatorade. 100 Plus I like.
    Gym trainer guy: OK. Then you get a can of 100 Plus and open it while you work out. Let the gas out first. Otherwise it will upset your stomach when you work out.
    Me: 100 Plus at room temperature and without gas tastes like urine.
    Gym trainer guy: Then take something with glucose.
    Me: Like Coke without gas?
    Gym trainer guy: No. Take Ribena.

    Best thing I've heard about working out so far. Ribena!

    1 comment:

    Nina said...

    maybe you can try it out!
    i'll suggest my gym to provide ribena rather than iced lemon tea..