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    Friday, December 02, 2005

    I am putting forward my opinion on one aspect of the Malaysian recording scene. This is specifically on the process of mastering, which is the final stage of treatment done to a piece of music before it goes to the CD duplicating plant.

    If someone tells me the mastering of Nick Lee sounds "compressed", all I can say after I bitch-slap you is for you to get with the program. It's not compression. It's the music slamming into the wall. That's how it's done around the world today. Music today is hot; and not in a musical sense.

    Do you know why when a locally-produced track comes on radio, YOU KNOW it's local even before the words come out? Because it sounds wimpy, especially when you listen to an internationally-produced track and then you listen to a locally-produced track.

    So, when you listen to Nikki's Maharani, don't be surprised! If it's too loud for you, turn down the volume or listen to Norah Jones. Play a track from Maharani and then play a new Mariah Carey or Britney Spears track. Are the sonic differences so far off that it is sonically offensive? This album is made in Malaysia and hopefully, very soon, albums here will be judged by this standard. Then I can buy that water purifier that looks like a rocket that I've always wanted.

    I am imposing my tastes and preferences here. If you don't like, all I can say to you is to get over it and get used to it. And oh yes, why not leave the 70s behind and come into 2005! We also have the Internet, fake boobs, and other cool things here.

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    Ren von Deitk said...

    Hear! Hear!