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    Sunday, December 18, 2005

    So I am going about my business and I meet this guy who is a private security guard. More like a bodyguard. Big burly man who wears tight little black T-shirts with the word SECURITY on the back.

    Sadly, he has no thumbs. NO THUMBS. The man has eight fingers and NO THUMBS. When his homies want to high-five him, he could have to use both hands in order to get it up to five. He will not be able to give a thumbs-up to a good movie.

    The lost his thumbs when he got into this fight. Someone swung this rod at him. He grabbed the rod with both his hands. The only thing was, the rod was a really sharp sword. As he held on, his thumb fell off.

    And that's how he ended up with eight fingers and no thumbs. Now that's a tragedy.

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    sultanmuzaffar said...

    saja-saja melawat di sini :)

    go go sunodui oku !!! hehehehehhe