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    Sunday, December 04, 2005

    Today I came closer to my fellow countrymen with I bribed a cop for the second this year. This time it was for being on the phone without a hand-free kit while driving. This one was less pleasant but he was straight to the point. He give me a verbal rate card of traffic offences and it's corresponding charges should I not want to have a ticket.
    • Using the phone without a hands-free kit while driving: RM30
    • Illegal U-turn, passing a double line: RM50
    • Speeding within city limits: RM50-RM100
    • Expired driver's license or expired road tax: RM100 or 80% of the cash in your wallet, whichever greater.
    All prices are negotiable. You might be able to get more slack if you are female with large breasts, do not look "too Chinese" or "too Indian", and if you are of the same race as the dirty cop. It also helps if the cop had sex the night before.


    Hsian said...

    Guess he wasn't wearing the "i am corruption free" badge!

    You are more spot on than you think about good looking girls getting off the hook. One of my close friends, a hot chick, got off an illegal U-turn offence with a "tak apa la you cantik" quip.

    No one said life was fair :)

    Batdude said...

    why you never introduce this hot chick friend to me?

    Hsian said...

    I invite you to stuff - you never show up what! :D