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    Friday, January 06, 2006

    I have recently begun to appreciate that even the most fucked up people on the planet serves a purpose. They are there to remind us that we shouldn’t be as fucked up. In turn, we should appreciate and show these fuckers love and understanding with hopes that they will be less fucked up. Then it will help make the world a better place. Of course, there will always be another group of even more fucked up people waiting in line to replace those less-fucked up people you just helped, and they are just waiting to fuck you over.

    We just have to remind ourselves, it will be OK. God put them there for a reason. It’s not to fuck up our day but to make us better people who can better deal with all these motherfuckers.

    And thus my quota of cussing and swearing has been fulfilled for this year.

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    ck said...

    i can so totally fucking relate to this! i have a neighbour that fits the description to the T. well, one of these days i might just lose it & set their car on fire or something but at the moment, if u dun mind, i'll chant ur mantra, "They are there to remind us that we shouldn’t be as fucked up". thanks dude!