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    Saturday, February 04, 2006

    Am I the only idiot on the planet who sometimes forget what year it is? 2005 or 2006?

    This year I didn't do the Melaka thing during the Chinese New Year. No family reunion. So, no Annual Batdude Blog Fest. Instead the family (by "family", I mean "my parents and my sister"; as opposed to "my wife and kids") and some family friends went to Cameron Highlands and Pangkor Island instead. Before you say, "That sounds like fun!", let me put you on pause for a sec.

    Unless your idea of "fun" involves getting caught in the kind of traffic congestion that makes you sing praises to the Lord that you do not have diarrhea and you enjoy crowds in areas that are not supposed to be crowded, I strongly do not recommend that you do this during festive seasons.

    I also have a few constructively passionate comments about the chalet at the Equatorial Cameron Highlands.

    And in other news, I have been coffee-free for one month now. Didn't think I could do it but i did it. People at Starbucks and Nescafe are now wondering why there is sudden drop in sales in January. It's been good. I feel better and my poop now floats. (Although I not sure if that has anything to do with tea.)

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