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    Thursday, February 16, 2006

    She loves God.
    She trusts God.
    She is amazingly strong in spirit and faith.
    She is wonderful to be with.
    She is charming.
    She is sometimes silly.
    She is smart.
    She is rational.
    She is wired right.
    She is reasonable.
    She is pragmatic.
    She is prudent.
    She is patient.
    She is understanding.
    She is independent.
    She is strong.
    She is perceptive.
    She is logical.
    She is resilient.
    She is passionate.
    She is confident.
    She is courageous.
    She is grateful.
    She is funny and she doesn't even know it.
    She is shameless and I love it.
    She thinks!
    She plans.
    She works hard.
    She listens.
    She loves.
    She forgives.
    She fits.
    She appreciates.
    She loves family.
    She loves her food.
    She speaks her mind.
    She stands her ground when she knows she is right.
    She doesn't give up.
    She accepts people the way they are.
    She knows what she wants for her future.
    She is absolutely beautiful.
    She is sinfully sexy.


    Anonymous said...

    r u in love? :-D

    Anonymous said...

    who's she? dun tell me it's another "SHE" song..

    Anonymous said...

    He is stark raving mad.

    Hsian said...

    But isn't it lovely? :)

    Charming Jerk said...

    wanna get ur permission to copy this... :)

    Batdude said...

    hey charming jerk. go ahead and copy but you better make sure you are not seeing the same person i am seeing! :O

    grooveworks studio said...

    are you awake yet?