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    Wednesday, March 22, 2006

    During the forty-second eye blink of the day, I decided I should update my blog in order to pre-empt the “How come no blog update?”

    After about a month, I’ve decided to throw all the empty egg shells I have had sitting on the kitchen counter. I had maybe 20-30 egg shells. I had them there because someone told me that egg shells keep house lizards away. I had this one house lizard hanging out in my kitchen for awhile. In my four or five years living in my apartment on the fourteenth floor, I’ve not had one house lizard or mosquito. I figured it was too high an altitude for them to get up to. Perhaps their ears might pop due to the air pressure.

    So I had egg shells. For awhile, I didn’t see the house lizard. Then yesterday, I saw it again. It was hanging out amongst the egg shells. So much for that home remedy. Then it occurred to me. Maybe someone was putting me on. Who would be stupid enough to lace their kitchen with egg shells in efforts to keep lizards away? (OK. Don’t answer that!) It is like saying “Pee all over your living room floor in order to keep evil spirits away.” (That might actually be something people do in some African country.) And then someone actually does it and we all have a good laugh.

    If only I had pictures to show. I am not that bothered.

    I would like to open the floor now to questions.