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    Tuesday, April 25, 2006

    People are always asking me, "Batdude. Why no product endorsements on your blog?" And I always say that nothing much out there impresses me enough.

    A person: Batdude. Why no product endorsements on your blog?
    Me: Nothing much out there impresses me enough.

    Which is really another face-saving way of saying that no one has really asked me to.

    But last night something caught my eye. Actually someone shoved it in my face and bought it for me. I am talking about 1 Drop, another great product from Oji.
    "1 Drop" (possibly new and improved from the previous "2 Drops") is a "magic smell-eater". As it says right there on the packaging, “no more smell when and after passing motion”. So what happens here is you tap one drop into the toilet before you err... pass the motion. (Isn't that what a court judge does?) And the magical 1 Drop will neutralise your funk in seconds.
    Did I mention that it works like magic? And maybe someone should tell Sparky here that he smells back because he is taking a crap in his pants.

    Man...I can't wait to use it.

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    Friends of the Bat said...

    Hi hi Batdude. Please give us an update before we rush to the stores to purchase 1 Drop.