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    Wednesday, May 03, 2006

    Inner beauty comes next.

    Penang - After undergoing 12 cosmetic operations in two years, bank clerk turned model Ma Lieh from Jiang-su province in China now wants to improve on her inner beauty.

    “I want to learn new skills and gain more knowledge to achieve my ambition to be a talk show host,” Ma said here.

    Somebody please stop me.... must stay away from blogger....self-control. Jojo.... Speak no evil...ugh. Help.


    Hsian said...

    Ha ha ha. Should hook her up with Jojo! :)

    Anonymous said...

    I dun know why u must refrain urself from ur own point of view.

    Aint it ur blog?

    I rather like ur blog on Jojo, she's all bubble talks..pop pop, there goes the bubble..hahahaha..

    Dun stop tickling me pls.

    Batdude said...

    tickling you. gross. :O

    Anonymous said...


    Why not write a topic on what grosses u out?