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    Monday, July 10, 2006

    Felicia: Are you watching the World Cup finals tonight?
    Me: Err..yes I guess. The TV will be on in the background while I work and I will probably give it a look when I hear my neighbours yell out “Goal!”.
    Felicia: Which team are you rooting for?
    Me: I don’t know.
    Felicia: How can you not have a team? It makes it more fun to watch when you are rooting for a team.

    Well, Felicia, you are right.

    However, I haven’t followed the World Cup much and I have decided which team’s players look cuter in shorts. So I ask the question every person would ask when deciding a team to support: What has that country done for me?

    I then proceed to make this list which immediately puts me in the pathetic category of human beings.

    French musicians (Deep Forest, Telepopmusik, Nadiya). +5 points
    Hot French women. +3 points
    Pretentious French culture. -3 points
    The French loaf and croissant. +3 points
    Making people around the world mispronounce “Jean”. -2 points.
    Pierre and Marie Curie, Louis Pasteur. +5 points

    NET POINTS: 11 points

    Italians who went to New York City to come up with pizza. +5 points
    Monica Bellucci. +5 points
    Not-so-attractive Italian women. -3 points
    Coffeeshops. +3 points
    Leonardo da Vinci. +3 points
    Italian pasta. +4 points
    The Mafia which inspired the Godfather movies and the Sopranos. +2 points

    NET POINTS: 19 points

    As pathetic as it may be, I am rooting for Italy. Viva Italy.

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    Anonymous said...

    i rooted for France cos i drive a pug! :D