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    Friday, September 29, 2006

    Word got out that I wrote the songs sung by the finalists of "One In The Million".

    Suki won. She sang a song I wrote for her, "Berdiri."

    After that, six thousand people asked if she gave me any money from the million she won. So, as a preemptive measure to circumvent another six thousand asking me this same question. The answer is no.

    I will be recording her this Saturday. Maybe she might bring me a hamper. Who knows?

    The joys of life.

    Monday, September 11, 2006

    After a being a loyal customer of Maxis of over eight years or so, I have officially become a hater of Maxis Communications.

    Today my Maxis service was interrupted. That’s Maxis’s way of saying my phone line got barred due to non-payment even though I’ve paid my bill. So my phone calls get routed to their collections department and I’m put on hold for at least 5 minutes for each call because their "consultants" are busy.

    When I finally do get through, they tell me they will reconnect my line and I should be able to contribute to their revenues in two hours. But of course, given this blog entry, that does not happen.

    I call again. I get this "consultant" named Zaima; whom I shall refer to as Consultant Bitch #1. Well, the line is reconnected because they have a problem communication with their reconnection people. Yes, it’s the "our system is down" response. She actually cuts me off after I ask to speak with her manager. Perhaps, just perhaps…like perhaps a monkey might fly out of my butt, perhaps the line dropped as it always does as a reflection of Maxis’s high quality of service. I am thinking, the least she could do, is CALL ME BACK (bitch!).

    I call again. And wait some more. Lines get cut off again. I call again. And all this time, I am standing on one foot holding my breath, bending over at an angle of 38.5 degrees at the corner of my apartment that I know has the strongest Maxis signal.

    After four hours, I get to speak to another consultant to actually gets her supervisor, Shanti to call me. And Shanti will get the line reconnect in 30 minutes. Why didn’t they do this in the first place and saved me the agony?

    Dear God.

    I am now in the market for a new mobile service provider. Please get someone from Celcom or Digi to call me and give me a nice number and help me contact all my friends to tell them of my new number. Also, please give our telecommunications minister the wisdom and courage, and on top of it all, the balls to set up an independent phone number manager so we call all keep our phone numbers even if we change service providers. Give this minister the strength to not accept any bribes in order to not make this happen. Help Malaysia out of the Third World. Give Consultant Bitch #1 nightmares tonight and give Shanti a raise.


    Monday, September 04, 2006

    I am going to come off sounding like a cold heartless bastard.

    Steve "Crocodile Hunter" Irwin died today. I know this because I am getting instant messages and SMSes from people telling me he died.

    As a human being, I am sad and sorry for his family's loss. But as a smart-ass, I am thinking, it's about time. Honestly, how can I feel sorry for a guy who puts himself at risk with dangerous animals. And not only that, he once put his own baby at risk when he fed snapping alligators while holding his baby. This guy has always been an accident waiting to happen.

    So, sorry folks. I don't feel sad for him one bit. Let the flames begin.