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    Sunday, December 24, 2006

    I recorded the lovely Dayang Nurfaizah today. This is our second session for the second song. I must say that she is one of the sweetest (and also quietest) singers I've recorded. Go figure. Anyway, I was excited. But I am over it. I have moved on.

    Then I went to dinner with J. It's my belated birthday dinner for her. We talked and talked. Things are not going too hot for her right now and in our deep self-searching, I asked if her life today is what she had expected when she was in her late teens. Then I started thinking...

    No. My life today is not what I had expected it to be. I thought I would have been married now. I would have children. But then again, I had thought I'd be wearing John Master slacks at my age and will be saying things like "Back in the day, the songs we had on radio had this thing called melody." So, on those fronts, I am a failure. I am not married. No kids. Still in jeans. Still dig the stuff on radio. And I know what the Wii is.

    I am not sure what all this means. Did I not grow up? All I know is, a little joy was sucked out of me.

    I hope that 60 is really the new 40 because it has been a slow start.

    But hey...I recorded Dayang Nurfaizah today.

    And tomorrow is Christmas and I will be celebrating Christmas with meaning. I will be celebrating the birth of Jesus. And because I believe, I celebrate Christmas. (And by celebrate I mean, receiving gifts. Thank you Jesus for being born.)


    XMOCHA! said...

    Merry xmas Audi and happy 2007 cheers

    dorado said...

    Dude, I just realized who you are. :respect

    Great works with the Nikki Remixes, lurve it!

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.