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    Tuesday, December 05, 2006

    If you know me, you’d know that nothing much impresses me or makes me laugh. (I might laugh at it but not because of it. That’s another story.) But I have to tell you about a few things that impress me and I can’t rave enough about it.

    One is LASIK surgery.

    Second is V-Kool. Rather daft name but this is one fantastic product. I just had V-Kool recently re-installed in my car and after driving around without it for the past two months, I can tell you the difference is like the difference between “cancer-heat” and “sauna-hot.”

    Third is the new iPod-with-a-phone, iPhone from Apple. Whenever someone mentions iPod with a phone, I’d say it won’t work until they sort out the battery problem. As a fan of these convergent devices like the O2, I would not use the PDA or tax it because I didn’t want to drain out the battery and be left without a phone. I figured, until they come up with a super battery that can go on for weeks without charging, the iPod phone won’t work. And this battery better not be nuclear that it has a warning that it might fry my nuts if I left the iPhone in my pants pocket for too long.

    So, what does Apple do? They put in two batteries in the thing. One for the phone and another for the music player portion. Abso-ferkin-lutely brilliant! Touch screen and slideout keyboard too. Mama.

    And I have also decided that my next notebook computer will be a Mac. I will probably still run Windows on it but I will at least look cool doing it. But this will probably be in three or four years from now. (You hear that Justin? I will get a Mac!)

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    Anonymous said...

    hahahahhah... too bad i'm now a windoze user. ah well...