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    Thursday, December 28, 2006

    It's the Christmas season. I am reminded how it is such an inconvenient celebration for a lot of people in Malaysia. Especially if these people do not see Christmas as a religious celebration where family and friends actually get together. Instead it's just a trivial one-day holiday that involves gift-giving and yet another reason for Malaysians to get drunk and eat. I say this because I celebrate Christmas but I still get calls on Christmas day from people asking me work-related matters which are not urgent. However, when it is Chinese New Year or Hari Raya, it's almost like everyone has turned into civil servants in government offices during lunch hour. I can't get any response, let alone get any work done two weeks before the holiday season starts. But when it is Christmas, (and I am sure it happens with Deepavali too), the general population just doesn't care. In fact, one of the universities have exams scheduled during the Christmas season. Nose bleed.

    The moral of the story: Not all Malaysians are Buddhists or Muslims. Or Christians and Hindus need to have more sex and increase their numbers so that their holiday season will be taken more seriously.

    And this concludes my only remotely-social-and-racial commentary for the year.

    In other news, I received an interesting request from someone very powerful in the entertainment industry asking me to quickly produce this new artist.

    Mr Big Shot: I need you to produce this album for this new artist.
    Me: What style? Direction?
    Mr Big Shot: Err...rock.
    Me: What kind of rock?
    Mr Big Shot: something Ella would do today.
    Me: OK. What's her tone like?
    Mr Big Shot: Like Ella.

    So in my mind, WHY would you want someone who already sounds like someone else sing the same kind of music that that someone else sings. (I am sure I've broken at least six grammar and sentence construction rules there!)

    And Mr Big Shot is not alone. Every A&R meeting... (A&R is just a fancy way of saying "image, direction, and songs" where we decide on what kind of songs the singer will record and how tight her pants will be for the album cover) every A&R meeting, every label and manager decides on the direction of their artist based on what some other artist sound like. It is almost like cloning. That's another reason why I think the local industry is failing. It's the attack of the clones.

    After this, I am pretty sure I will never work in the music industry again.

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