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    Sunday, December 31, 2006

    It's that time of the year where people think there are flexing their humour muscles when they go "See you next year!" when they could have said "See you next week!"

    I did a rather primal thing at the beach. I actually started a fire with some friends. And to make it a Charlie Brown moment, we roasted marshmallows. Then we went over the edge and sang Debbie Gibson songs. (I am not kidding!) We tried to redeemed ourselves by singing songs by the Police but it was too late.

    Back to the fire. I strongly recommend that you start a fire. Or at least try. Maybe it is a guy thing but there is this sense of connection I made with the very core of me being a homosapien on this planet. Or maybe I just had bad fruit and I was feeling loopy.

    But seriously, it's the most basic thing a man can do for survival. And it gave me some small sense of achievement. (Now it sounds almost pathetic when I actually think about it!) It also gave me some sense of control and power. It's a good thing. Go start a fire. Although I wonder, if I had failed starting that fire, would it have devastated me instead? What kind of man would I be if I can't even start a fire?

    In other news, I have finally completed Farah Asyikin's album. Eleven tracks. Eight months. Rock. Please buy it when it comes out. Then you can read my blog. Otherwise, you can't read it.

    And something totally unrelated but yet kinda...I recorded Mac Chew playing piano on Thursday. That was exciting and intimidating all at the same time. You see, Mac Chew and Jenny Chin were my heroes whom back in 1987, inspired and encouraged me to do music. Along with Helen Yap, they gave me the glimpse of the possibility that a Chinese can actually do stuff in the Malay music industry. And at that time, the new and interesting local music had Mac Chew and Jenny Chin on them: Sheila Majid and Zainal Abidin. Mac went on to do even cooler things in Taiwan. Mac also introduced me to Roslan Aziz and that was my first step into the industry. I've always remembered Mac telling me back then, "If you can do something cool in English, why not do it in Malay and sell it to more people?"

    So, fast forward almost twenty years, I am in Babyboss Studio behind Mac's MacBook Pro recording him playing a baby grand piano for my production. How sick is that?!

    Incidentally, Mac runs Windows XP on his MacBook Pro.

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