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    Wednesday, December 06, 2006

    Something interesting just happened in my world.

    I actually composed a document in a word processor online using Google Docs & Spreadsheet. (You can tell when technical people come up with product names!) Yes, Google Docs & Spreadsheet (formerly Writely) is a very useful Word and Excel-compatible wordprocessor and spreadsheet application which you can get to via your Gmail account or at

    This way, I can write my documents and have them accesible online. Of course, I am completely screwed should Google goes out of business, or if their server crashes, or I eat too much sugar and I forget my password.

    Still, the prospects of doing everything online in a Web browser is just too exciting for me. It is really that great!

    The Office guys at Microsoft must be pissing in their pants right now.


    cliff said...

    If you want to have an even more complete spreadsheet on web, I invite you EditGrid as well. I am sure you will it will give more surprise than Google's one. Check it out ~

    Batdude said...

    i almost creamed my pants with "editgrid"! only if there were an "editword" to go with it.