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    Wednesday, December 13, 2006

    There is one thing I feel every man, woman and child should have. I am talking about the CD-RW.

    Rewritable compact discs are so obviously practical. I am still using the same CD-RW I bought in 2001 for RM8. And I use it to burn audio CDs of music that I don't care to listen to for long just so I can play it in the car.

    OK. So it is not exactly the sort of thing that would make you cream in your pants but still exciting nonetheless. Save the planet and use CD-RWs.

    Next time, we talk about another practical wonder called rechargeable batteries.


    Azlan said...

    dude..nobody talks about CDRW anymore Now it's DVDRW... what year is this posting anyway?

    Batdude said...

    it's 2006. and more cars have CD players and DVD players. and you can't burn audio DVDs easily. and there are more PCs today with CD burners versus PCs with DVD burners. so there!