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    Wednesday, December 20, 2006

    There is a strange smell in my studio and I can't figure it out. It's not the computer. I am not sure if it is the air-con. Nothing I know of is overheating. It's not me. It smells a little like evil.

    I had some people from 8TV visit me at the studio today for an interview. I'd rather have my eye brows plucked than to be interviewed. And this time is for a Suki special. I get the usual questions. "How did this song come about?" "What inspired you to write the song?" "What do you think of Suki's performance?"

    I wonder why people still get asked that question. You'd think viewers would be sick of questions like these. Celebrities get it even worse. If you're a singer, "Are you going in to acting?" And if you are an actor, "Are you going in to singing?" And then there's the "When are you getting married?"

    I wish I get asked more interesting questions and I didn't have to be politically correct with my answers.

    8TV: What inspired you to write the song?
    Me: Everything around me inspires me. The morning dew. The chirping birds. The laughter of an innocent child.

    What I really want to say.

    8TV: What inspired you to write the song?
    Me: The money. Rent is due.

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    Janet said...

    hahhahahhahahhaha, i like that, i realllly like that, what you said. well said :)