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    Monday, January 08, 2007

    I can't say this enough. I'd rather lick a cat's butt than to have my picture taken or be interviewed. And this time around, they made me wear makeup. I felt compromised. Violated. I am not sure if I will ever be the same man I was again.

    However, the experience reminded me somethings I sometimes forgot in the thick of things. I feel truly blessed professionally. And the interview this afternoon somewhat made me realise that. I have been blessed with people like Mr Manager, Badrul, Izham, and many others that have taken a chance with my work. And they did not ask for ballads. However, it really could be that they had no one else to ask and are just desperate for something different and they'd dessert me at the drop of a hat if someone else new came along. (These people are just bastards!) For now, I am going to think otherwise because there is really no reason why a Chinese guy from Melaka who can't read music and only know five chords should be in the Malay music industry.

    That's why I need 15 takes to spit out these lines.

    "Jangan lupa. Saksikan Kemuncak AIM 14. Setiap Jumaat, 8 malam, hanya di NTV7. Saluran ceria anda."


    Mr. Manager said...

    It's spelt DESERT, not dessert. Dessert is something you eat. Desert is a forlon place or the state of being left forlorn.

    Red Mummy said...

    i tot vernon is spelling check for FB, but also to you as well.

    Kak Red