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    Wednesday, January 17, 2007

    No matter what they say, it is very possible to burn your hair with a hair dryer. No, it doesn't mean a fire like a burning bush. But it starts to smell funky and you noticed something is missing.

    I recorded Ning and Dayang in two separate sessions these past two nights. And once again, I am given some faith in the music scene. I cannot stress how appreciative I am working with them. Only one word when it comes to their craft: Professional. Both were faced with circumstances that were less than perfect. Both came through. No little part of me died inside.

    Ning had to learn the song that is....let's say "questionable" then and there. She came through and we had a few laughs in the process.

    Dayang was sick. She still came to the session. She tried. I made it quick. I told her to do her best for 20 minutes. She did and we wrapped up the session in 18 minutes. Then we watched the Golden Globe Awards on TV.


    In contrast, some singers don't even show up for their session and then blame their manager for not telling them. But he did. But she didn't get it the message. But he told her already at that nasi kandar place in Ampang last week. But she said she needed directions. But he said.....she said...he said...shave your balls and call your mother.


    Red Mummy said...

    who is that he she in the shaving balls in particular??

    nak gak akak tau..

    Batdude said...

    :P saja la

    azlan said...

    hang on.. r u saying the singer shaved the manager's balls??